by Jerry Gordon, The Iconoclast, November 9, 2009

Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch had a post on a follow up story by the Fort Morgan Times in which it was revealed the perpetrator of the murder and the victim had the same Somali Clan name: Abdi. Mere coincidence or was this the reason the gag order was ordered by the Fort Morgan County Court? In our original posting on the Fort Morgan, Colorado case, we speculated about whether this was a crime of passion or a possible honor killing to redeem the family honor.

Corcoran and I discussed this development. She noted that the victim, Warsen Aden Abdi of Fort Morgan was 27 versus 25 years of age for Ahmed Abdi, the killer from Greely, Colorado. Further that she was watching TV in the company of men in a Fort Morgan apartment when Ahmed Abdi attacked and killed her. Could they be siblings?

The Fort Morgan Times update story notes:

The victim of a Nov. 3 fatal stabbing has been positively identified by the Morgan County Coroner’s Office as Warsen Aden Abdi.

Her birth date, provided by family members, was Jan. 1, 1982.

Identification was complicated by lack of pre-death records.

The coroner’s office and Fort Morgan Police Department worked together to obtain postmortem fingerprints, a dental examination and medical examination but were unable to obtain any pre-death records for comparison.

Contact with Immigration Services and Lutheran Services, the sponsoring agency of refugees from East Africa, were unable to provide records.

Identification efforts were finalized by visual examination by family members of the victim.

A suspect in the case, Ahmed Abdi of Greeley, is being held in Morgan County jail on $300,000 bond and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Dec. 16.

It would seem peculiar that there were no pre-death records. You would have thought that our State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or Volunteer Agencies like Lutheran services immigration records would gather some information, such as fingerprints, for admittance to the US. But then the much criticized refugee resettlement program is riddled with immigration fraud abuses as was revealed from DHS DNA tests of the infamous P-3 family reunification program. However, in a war torn country like Somalia, would there be any vital statistics records by locality? We seriously doubt that.

Thus, Corcoran’s conclusion drawn from these unfolding developments about the Somali Murder case confirms our original suspicions that this may ultimately be revealed at the preliminary hearing on December 16th as an ‘honor killing.’ If it is, then perhaps the veil of PC multiculturalism will be dropped from the eyes of the Colorado communities in both Greeley and Fort Morgan that the Somali émigré workers to meat packing companies JBS Swift USA and Cargill, Inc. harbor barbarous Sharia practices. Remember the protest sign that Michael Gale and the CAST contingent used in the August 8th protests in Greeley, Colorado: “no honor killings here”? Well the Fort Morgan Somali murder case may have shattered that illusion harbored by the community and media in both Colorado communities.