As reported by The Jordan Times:

AMMAN – The government on Monday expressed its rejection and condemnation of a statement issued by the Islamist opposition, which criticised Jordan’s military participation in missions led by the US across the world.

The Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, said joining American forces in their military presence in Afghanistan and Sudan is “haram”, or religiously rejected and a “form of oppression” against brotherly Muslims.

The fatwa (religious edict) went as far as saying that such an act is apostasy.

“Fighting alongside the Americans means supporting non-Muslims against Muslims, this is haram and those who do it can consider themselves non-Muslims,” said the group in a statement made available to The Jordan Times.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State and Government Spokesperson Ayman Safadi voiced utter rejection of “the insults made by IAF against the significant role of the Jordan Armed Forces in helping the Afghan people in restoring security and stability and providing them with medical and humanitarian services”.

Jordan is proud of the important role its army and security agencies are carrying out to help brothers either in Gaza, Afghanistan or any part of the Muslim and Arab world, Safadi said, highlighting Jordan’s contributions to brining about peace and security worldwide through its participation in peace missions.

“Standing by brothers to encounter the challenges is a duty Jordan carries out proudly in a clear and transparent manner to go in line with its national and humanitarian stances,” Safadi said, describing such statements as “irresponsible”.

The IAF fatwa, issued by its religious scholars, said support should be directed to resistance in Afghanistan and other parts where fighting against American forces takes place and called on soldiers to disobey their leaders in this regard.

Remarking that Jordan will continue to provide assistance to all Muslim and Arab countries, including the people of Afghanistan in the face of the challenges these countries encounter, Safadi also said that the Kingdom will exert utmost efforts to protect Jordan and Jordanians from any party, regardless of location, that target their security and stability.

Jordan has repeatedly declared that the fight against Al Qaeda terror group, which succeeded in killing dozens of innocent people in three of Amman’s hotels in 2005, will continue so as to protect the country’s security.