Originally published at The Australian:

Homicide detectives investigating the disappearance of Melbourne mother of two Zahara Rahimzadegan have found what they believe to be human remains buried at her Ashwood home.

Zahara’s husband Nathan Ahmadi is being questioned by police over her December 16 disappearance.

Mr Ahmadi has previously told police he had not seen or heard from his wife since 2:30pm that day, when he left her at home to go shopping, and no clue to her whereabouts.

Evangelical pastor Daniel Nalliah said earlier this week he feared the Christian convert may have been abducted by Islamic extremists.

Police used shovels and crow bars to break apart decking at the Ashwood unit before discovering the remains, which are undergoing forensic testing. State Emergency Services volunteers earlier searched a creek which runs behind the property in Melbourne’s east.

Mr Ahmadi told The Australian on Wednesday he had received no threats to Zahara’s safety before or since her disappearance. He said there had been no problems at home, despite Zahara walking out for short periods on two previous occasions.

Homicide Squad chief John Potter revealed yesterday that Zahara’s disappearance was being treated as suspicious and police had “grave concerns” for her safety. Although her mobile phone was missing, her handbag, purse, credit cards and clothes were left at home.

Detective Inspector Potter said there was no evidence to support Mr Nalliah’s claims Zahara, an Iranian refugee, may have been taken by Islamic extremists because of her conversion from Islam to Christianity five years ago.