An announcement from Pamela Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, November 18, 2015:

I am thrilled to announce that human rights activist and freedom fighter Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Gaza and experienced jihad and Jew-hatred firsthand and repudiated both, has become our first AFDI Geller Fellow. I am proud that Nonie, author of the must-read books Now They Call Me Infidel and Cruel and Usual Punishment, and her Nonie’s groundbreaking and courageous organization, Former Muslims United, will now continue their work as part of the AFDI freedom network.

We have worked together on a number of critical projects, i.e. Islamic Apartheid week on college campuses, Former Muslim conferences to aid Muslims who have left Islam, CPAC education programs, etc. We look forward to working together on a great deal more in the future.