Mission Statement

The goal of this project is to create a greater understanding of the plight of Muslims living under any form of Shariah law (Islamic Law) while educating those in the West of its dangers and why its increasing permeation of Western society must be halted and reversed. This will be done by concurrently reaching out directly to the Muslim world to offer encouragement and a free and open forum on the Internet (through phone-in broadcasting) where they need not fear speaking their minds and by educating those in the West of the need to alleviate the oppressive human rights conditions in Islamic countries. Evolution of this project will lead into satellite broadcasting and opinion pieces as well as the formation of strategic, synergistic alliances with like-minded organizations.




Project Rationale

Islam produces a mindset that, in turn, leads to such horrors as female genital mutilation, honor killings, cruel and unusual punishments for relatively benign criminal behavior and fatwas condoning the murder of heretics or apostates. In the Middle East, millions are trapped by its teachings, unable to leave and live in a state of submission out of fear.

This problem is only slightly acknowledged in the West even as the West itself begins to accept forms of Shariah law in an effort to appease, masquerading as tolerance.

In a two-pronged counter-attack, Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish will meet these threats head on. Their life experiences, their courageous struggle with and ultimate freedom from Islam will be shared with audiences in the Middle East via their Internet Broadcasting Channel. At the same time, they will embark upon a public speaking campaign designed to inform Western audiences of the nightmare that is life under Islam, a reality for millions in the Middle East but a dark warning for those in the West.

Both women have long and successful careers confronting Islam as well as its radical clerics and Western liberal apologists. While both are former Muslims, they are ardent supporters of Israel having both witnessed the truth of the Middle East first hand.