Watch this Orlando Fox 35 video interview with Pastor Jamal Jivanjee in which he expresses thankfulness for the Ohio court granting dependency for Rifqa Bary. However note his palpable concerns about threats to Rifqa amidst untoward disclosure of her foster family. location and what could occur when she reaches her majority in August, 2010. Pastor Jivanjee also expresses an abiding concern for all apostates who have the courage of Rifqa Bary to leave Islam.

From Jamal Jivanjee, Rifqa Bary blog, January 19, 2010

This afternoon (Tuesday, Jan. 19’th 2010) Rifqa Bary was declared a dependent of the state of Ohio! This is very good news for Rifqa because it ensures that she will remain in foster care until she is 18. This protects her from being forced to return to her parent’s home. Apparently, Rifqa’s parents realized that they were not going to win the dependency case should it have went to trial. The dependency trial that was scheduled for January 28’th is now cancelled. In exchange for dependency, Rifqa agreed that she violated rules by fleeing her home.

We can celebrate this victory. It is good news for others in Rifqa’s situation that need to flee their home when facing persecution as a result of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Rifqa still needs your prayers for the following:

1. Rifqa needs to be given contact with people she chooses. She has been isolated for far too long.

2. The people who put their lives on the line to rescue her (the Lorenz family and Brian Williams) need to be protected from the false accusations that have been leveled against them.

3. Pray for a suitable foster home for Rifqa until she is 18.

4. Rifqa needs prayer for personal protection. There have been numerous death threats made against her life because she left Islam to become a follower of Jesus.

Many thanks go to all the brave men and women who wrote and called officials both in Florida and in Ohio, who traveled to rallies and hearings, who prayed in church gatherings, journalists and activists who proclaimed the truth about her situation, and attorneys who defended her and gave advice regarding her legal situation. God bless you all.