Watch these fascinating You Tube videos of Rifqa Bary’s lead Attorney, Kort Gatterdam being interviewed by Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council. The interview occured on August 5th following the dramatic ruling by Franklin County, Ohio Juvenile Court Magistrate, Mary Goodrich freeing Christian convert Rifqa Bary from reconciliation with her Muslim parents. The interviews occured when a gag order imposed by the court on discussion of the proceedings was lifted following Judge Goodrich’s ruling

In this interview, Gatterdam, a skilled professional criminal defense attorney, discusses the strategy adopted during the arduous hearings, the tactics used to counter attempts by her parents CAIR-appointed attorneys to deny her application for special immigration status as an abused juvenile and the evidence of such abuse by her parents who like Rifqa were in this country illegally. This evidence also included death threats against her from Muslim sources in her native Sri Lanka and treatment of the minority Christian community there. Gatterdam explains why lay critics who had suggested presenting a case for asylum based on apostasy and honor killings under Sharia would have been rejected by the court as irrelevant under Ohio juvenile custody laws. He pays great credit to the strength of character, faith and love by Christian convert Bary in the face of evident attempts by her parents CAIR-appointed counsel to impose Sharia custody issues backfired and her personal torment given diagnosis and treatment for uterine cancer. Gatterdam sees a possible future for Ms. Bary as a budding Christian evangelist.

Remarkably, neither Gatterdam nor co-counsel, immigration law specialist Angela Lloyd, took compensation for defense of Ms. Bary for this months long proceeding in the Columbus, Ohio juvenile court.

Watch Part 1 of the You Tube video – Kort Gatterdam, Rifqa Bary’s lead attorney, sets the record straight in an interview with Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council.

Watch Part 2 of the You Tube video interview -Kort Gatterdam, Rifqa bary’s lead attorney, expolains the legal strategy in an interview with Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council