by Jerry Goirdon, The Iconoclast, April 11, 2010

Nonie Darwish and Amil Imani are cofounders of Former Muslims United (FMU). Watch this interview below of Darwish and Imani by Bill Whittle of PJTV at the recent CPAC conference in Washington, DC. Darwish and Imani explain the perilous status of former Muslims who left Islam and the purposes and programs of FMU. FMU is a human and civil rights organization formed last year to defend those who have left Islam. Other co-founders and board members of FMU include Ali Sina of Faith Freedom Internatiional, Mohammed Asghar, Mano Bakh,Walid Shoebat, Sam Solomon, Dr. Wafa Sultan and colleague Ibn Warraq, a Senior editor of the New English Review.

In this PJTV interview with Bill Whittle they explain the results of 110 Freedom Pledge letters sent to more than 50 Muslim organizations in America, including Muslim Brotherhood front groups, requesting that they abjure Sharia death fatwas against apostates. Only two signatures were returned: one of Dr. M. Zhudi Jasser of the American Forum for Islam and Democracy and another from Dr. Ali Ayamii, executive director of the Washington-based, Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Saudi Arabia. Darwish and Imani discuss meetings with the US Department of Justice to explore how to combat threats of personal violence against former Muslims here in America. We posted on a similar camapign undertaken by FMU as part of the Florida Security Council protests against Florida Muslim Capitol Day at Tallahasse in March. No responses were received from more than 47 letters sent to CAIR Chapter, Florida Mosque leaders and Ahmed Bedier, organizer of Florida Muslim Capitol Day and head of new front group, United Voices for America. Darwish and Warraq will be speaking at the Second New English Review Symposium in Nashville on June 18-19 in Nashville.