Links to Apostate Groups

Apostates of Islam – Online community for ex-Muslims

Muslims for Christ – Group of Muslims who have converted to Christianity

Movement of Belgian Ex-Muslims – Apostate group from Belgium

Allied Apostates of Islam – Group that tells the individual stories of apostates

Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime – German Ex-Muslim page

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain – British Ex-Muslim page

Centralradet for Ex-Muslimer i Skandinavien – Scandinavian Ex-Muslim page

Websites of Interest

Answering Islam – An encyclopedic resource, with many articles, books, mirror sites in other languages etc.  – an international resource

Faith Freedom – Echoes the voice of ex-Muslims who want to stop the spread of Islam, expose its violent nature, and help Muslims to understand it and leave it. We believe in the oneness of humanity and oppose Islam for inciting hatred against non Muslims. Muhammad instructed his follower to conquer the world by the sword and to rule it with terror. We are determined to not let that happen.

Ex-Muslims Twitter Feed – Twitter account for Ex-Muslims

CEMB Forum – Online community forum for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Former Muslims’ Forum – Online community forum for former Muslims

Apostates of Islam on Facebook – Apostates of Islam’s Facebook page

Rifqa Bary – The story of teenage apostate Rifqa Bary

Barnabus Fund – Islamic teaching on apostasy

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